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Date: 2018-02-14 14:26

I have been really really hangin out for this game and whe it come out as open beta i jumped right in. I 8767 ve been 8775 playing 8776 (aka GRINDING) for nearly 7 weeks and have unlocked 7 classes Slayer and Necro. In BOTH cases i was horribly disappointed and yes I did try them out in the training room 6st. My initial class was the Cryomancer but that became incredibly weak (ie dies a lot) so I tried the Lightbinder and to my surprise it turns out to be a pretty good and strong class (at least as far as I 8767 ve gone which is only about 6555 prestige). Overall the game looks really nice and the different regions/instances all look great but the mobs fall into just 7 categories, the mechanoids and the rat-type monsters, all with slight variations but essentially you get to fight the same monsters over and over and over and over .. forever. The entire game is a massive grind fest. You find yourself revisiting the same 8775 zones 8776 time after time in an attempt to 8775 farm 8776 the resources you need to progress your character sparks (mainly). Well I 8767 m used to grinding in nearly all mmo 8767 s and half expected it in skyforge as well but what I didn 8767 t expect was the intensity of it and the difficulty of the fights. Games are supposed to be FUN and fighting mini-bosses that take 65 mins to kill while you just run around in circles spamming the same buttons in an attempt to just outlast your opponent and very often failing is not my idea of FUN. It wouldn 8767 t be so bad if it wasn 8767 t the core of the entire game and due to the repetitive nature of the whole game it means you get very bored/frustrated very very quickly. I have not yet reached the CAP problems that many others have mentioned but I can see how it will most definitely become an issue if I progress much further. What I find REALLY annoying is that after grinding so much to unlock classes and to my dismay not liking the class I unlocked, I can 8767 t reset my expenditure in the progression tree. Once you spend your 8775 sparks 8776 in there, they 8767 re permanent and there 8767 s no way to unwind or roll back in the tree and get those precious sparks (aka hrs of game play wasted) back. The game mechanics are horrible to say the least. The in-game keyboard mapping feature doesn 8767 t work most times and many keys you might want to use instead of the defaults are just not accepted. Likewise, you cannot assign any functionality to any extra mouse buttons you may have the game just doesn 8767 t even 8775 see 8776 these buttons let alone let you assign anything to them. The chat system is clunky and awkward to use in fact the whole UI is just un-natural in so many ways it feels 8775 off 8776 . As for 8775 action combat 8776 well, it 8767 s again clunky, awkward and far from smooth. You are rooted to the ground whenever you cast an ability (except in very few cases) so you find yourself running, stopping to cast a spell/shoot or whatever then running again with the occasional dodge to get out of the way of the enemy 8767 s attacks. Furthermore, because the mobs hit so hard you spend a LOT of time running after these healing orbs that drop periodically during the fight. Al in all the combat is jaggered and feels very very stiff. The targetting system is ok, but for me it 8767 s the more or less total lack of mobility that makes combat a horrible experience. I personally do not think the game will last very long in its current state and will need some very serious and severe alterations if it 8767 s going to survive beyond this 8775 open beta 8776 phase. As a side note I 8767 m not sure if this is an intended game feature or not, but for me it seems that the number of sparks I get per mission seems to be getting smaller and smaller and the cost of nodes in the advancement tree are getting much more expensive to unlock meaning that I 8767 m grinding more and more and advancing less and less. All of this is perfect 8775 put-me-off 8776 features which are rapidly pushing me away from the game.

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